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FLIPWEB 數位資產仲介

The marketplace for buying and selling established, profitable websites and online businesses.
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We have helped people buy and sell online businesses. Our buyers and sellers span the globe and we have fine-tuned our process and team to ensure you have a safe, secure buying and selling experience. The first website we sold was our own. Now we help others around the world do the same. At FLIPWEB, we remove friction from buying and selling online businesses and we make it more smooth. FLIPWEB is #1 Asia marketplace for buying and selling established, profitable online businesses that entrepreneurs trust.

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FLIPWEB 創立於2017年是一個全新概念的數位資產仲介平台,我們不賣車、不租房,我們提供網站與APP閃亮的新生命。 我們著重於網站、APP、網域、粉絲專頁、部落格與網路商店,提供買賣、投資、轉讓或代理經營,活絡網路市場的交易,協助開發者、經營者順利分工,能夠做各自擅長的工作活化資產與建立最高價值。 我們幫助創業家實踐夢想,網站與APP本身是具有商業價值的, 轉讓給專業的團隊來經營,或許可以讓網站與APP注入活水生機;而現在正缺乏了提供互聯網轉讓交易的平台,我們期許可以讓互聯網交易越來越平凡,FLIPWEB希望建立一個透明公開的數位資產交易平台,這也是FLIPWEB誕生的原因。



Taipei City, Taiwan
Boston, MA, USA

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